Mold is a very small word, but it can impact your health catastrophically. Sadly, mold won’t limit itself to any one specific area to grow. Actually, it can grow anywhere in any season. It only requires humidity and water to grow. We understand how scary can be discovering mold in your new home or office and you might be wondering if you should do a testing for mold in your house. The reality is that when it comes to health issues, mold can cause respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma and even contribute to pulmonary fibrosis (FP), which is scarring of the lungs —nobody wants that!

Therefore, it’s best to hire a competent company to do a quick test for mold than waiting and let it spread. Hiring an expert for a quick inspection, will be way cheaper than removing and repairing all the damages later. And if you need an honest opinion, feel free to give us a call! We are a leading mold removal company serving the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. We have many years of experience in mold removal.

Testing for Mold

Sometimes it can be difficult to detect mold, but newer technology and mold removal techniques can make the task a lot easier. When dealing with the presence of mold, whether is a small corner or a large part of the building, taking quick actions is the key. If you are seeing any signs of mold, it is smart to take quick action. The All Mold Solutions expert team will give you peace of mind with a quick testing for mold in your house.

Black Mold

Finally, please know there are many types of mold and mold spores. The most dangerous form of mold is black mold, but we offer effective solutions that will rid your place of mold. Professional mold removal and remediation is one of the best ways to deal with this problem. After mold has been treated, we are happy to share ways to prevent its return and protect your family by eliminating any moisture and musty odors that can lead to health issues.

Our aim is not only to free you from pesky mold for a few in the short term but to prevent future mold growth so you can enjoy a mold-free environment for years to come. Don’t over think it, take steps today and make your house or office mold-free now.

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